There's no shortage of media coverage regarding the homeless crisis in Hawaii. Below is a compilation of SOME of the stories produced through our major local media outlets.

Series of recent articles, news reports, and radio interviews providing an overview of ALEA Bridge, and highlighting our efforts to make an impact in the community


  September 21, 2017

  August 30, 2017

  August 23, 2017

  August 11, 2017

  July 7, 2017

  June 14, 2017

  June 1, 2017

  May 27, 2017

  May 5, 2017

VERY excited with this upcoming partnership!

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ALEA Bridgeis a Non-Profit Organization established in January 2016, with a mission to empower people in need to achieve self-sufficiency through genuine compassion and innovative, community-based solutions. We have a vision of reducing homelessness on Oahu through the delivery of quality, comprehensive services and effective partnerships; continually striving to Break the Cycle, and Reverse the Trend of homelessness. With values of compassion, commitment, respect, and integrity, we serve as the bridge that connects those in need to the resources & assistance necessary to rebuild a life of Hope, Purpose, and Success.

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Helping to change the community, Hawaii, and the world.

One individual at a time.

What's going on at ALEA Bridge?

The Wahiawa HoM

Resource & Navigation Center

The first and only facility of its kind in Central Oahu & the North Shore...coming soon!!!

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